• Bayar diri sendiri dulu

Bayar diri sendiri dulu supaya diri saya pada masa tua nanti berterima kasih dengan diri saya sekarang. Simpan 10% daripada pendapatan saya sebelum gunakan untuk bayar orang lain (syarikat elektrik, syarikat air, syarikat telekomunikasi, tuan rumah dan sebagainya). Asing siap-siap 10% supaya jadi habit. Saya mesti belajar untuk hidup dengan baki 90% pendapatan saya.

  • Rekod seluruh aliran tunai

Rekod seluruh aliran tunai untuk dapatkan big picture hubungan kita dengan wang. What you focus on, improves. Dengan rekod, baru kita boleh kesan di mana yang boleh diperbaiki.

Ada banyak cara untuk rekod, seperti tulis dalam buku, guna Excel sheet atau guna aplikasi telefon pintar seperti AndroMoney. AndroMoney adalah aplikasi kegemaran saya kerana saya boleh eksport data dalam telefon ke fail Excel, selain boleh dimuatnaik ke akaun Google.

  • If I can’t afford it twice, I don’t buy it

Sekarang saya ingin ada kamera aksi DJI Osmo Action yang berharga RM1400. Saya beli kamera tersebut setelah saya ada tunai dalam tangan RM2800.

DJI Osmo Action review from http://www.engadget.com

The Lipper Fund Awards from Refinitiv 2019

We are proud to continuously be the best among private unit trust companies with 29 wins at The Lipper Fund Awards from Refinitiv 2019. Anchored by a prudent investment philosophy grounded in strong fundamentals and resilient earnings, Public Mutual strives to deliver superior and consistent returns for its unitholders. We thank you – our valued unitholders and unit trust consultants – for making this success possible.

Source: www.publicmutual.com.my

Financial Milestones

Tony Robbins wrote in his book, ‘Money, Master The Game: 7 Simple Steps to Financial Freedom’,

there are 5 different levels of financial dreams that will set you free.

  1. Financial security
  2. Financial vitality
  3. Financial independence
  4. Financial freedom
  5. Absolute financial freedom

Here is how you calculate how  much you need for financial security, as an example, according to Tony.

  1. Rent or mortgage payment: RM1500
  2. Food, household: RM600
  3. Utilities – phone, electric, water, internet: RM360
  4. Transportation: RM400
  5. Insurance: RM200

Total basic monthly expenses: RM3,060
Total basic annual expenses: RM3060 x 12 = RM36,720

If you can build your money machine, that is a portfolio that generates 5% return every year, you will need to accumulate RM734,400 to achieve your first financial dream, financial security. You still have to work to generate income, but you can rest assured that your basic needs are taken care of. According to Tony, this basic expense represents 65% of expense for most Americans.

From then, Tony listed how to calculate the rest of the financial dreams as milestones to celebrate in your life.




Here’ s another straight forward way to calculate your financial independence and financial freedom benchmark.

Financial independence = financial security x 2 = RM734,400  x 2 = RM1,468,800
Financial freedom = financial security x 3 = RM2,203,200




It is possible for everyone to achieve Financial Freedom with proper planning and discipline. Now that you have determined your numbers, all it takes is to calculate how much you need to set aside monthly to achieve your financial dreams. Start now!

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What Drives You

I have met nobody who jumps into a sales job with a noble intention. Most people are at their last resort. Some people are awakened by new insights into this industry. Some others are pushed by a certain financial or personal need.

No matter how you started, it is important to recognize what is your drive to keep you motivated continuously.


If you like the thrill of chasing deadlines, contributing to a team’s goal, do your work based on your to-do list and look forward to promotion, you are driven by advancement. You need your leader to set the timeline for you. You like to compete among your team members.


If you are driven by a certain lifestyle, recognition and security, you most probably only compete with your past self. You don’t need anyone to set benchmarks for you. You have a clear picture of where you want to be in life, and you work to pursue it.


This can be a toxic area to drive one towards his motivation. Power and fame are your primary goal. If you’re laser focused towards those, one would be oblivious to the negativity of unhealthy competition, oppositions that become enemies and the need to avoid embarrassment.


This is the one true area that drives people into success with a fulfilling and balanced life. You do your work to help others, to change the world to be a better place, to uncover enlightenment and to make an impact. You will be remembered as someone important in history. You success lasts long and you pave the way for more people to achieve success too.

No matter from which area you started in your journey in achieving your life goals, it is good to always remind yourself which area do our intentions reside. A life with purpose can never be wrong – the right people will come, the resources you seek appear, and you stay centered and balanced. I wish you all the best in achieving your goals.

Financial Consultant

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